Starlight Moonlight Wedding

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I created this set of wedding invitations based on photos of the venue that the bride and groom sent me. The hotel was in downtown Cincinnati and was built in sumptuous art deco glory. It was a night wedding and they wanted something that reflected them as a couple, which meant keeping things clean and […]

New Day – New Work

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With magic words vibrating¬†in the air between them, the flee and the elephant regarded each other with complete accuracy and then changed places. Today marks the day I flip my website from design to art… just a little movement but profound. I can say for certain that my eccumulated artwork experience is far larger than […]

Anatomy of a Perfect Bound Cover Design

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The learning curve in publishing and cover design can be dizzying, add to it vocabulary, specs, and assorted other things you need for working with your printer, marketing folks, and designer and it’s simply stunning. I hope that the thing I post here may help just a little. This is a place to begin with […]

Party Buzz – Wedding Invitations

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It’s an honor to be asked to help a bride and groom with wedding invitations. The participation in a wedding always goes with a big dose of fairy godmother like well wishing. To break up the formality of the invitation I was asked to magic wand a lighter insert consisting of a map and simplified […]

New New New

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We have begun a new and exciting adventure with The Tattered Cover Press to help facilitate design, marketing, editorial, production and publishing consultation ¬†when Tattered Cover clients need that little something extra to get a book into the world. After so many years of publishing it’s wonderful to get to share it with passionate book […]

Hello world!

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Welcome to Corvus Design Studio. This is your first post in our new home! We’ve been around for a long time carefully cultivating great design with an intimate approach. We have great ideas and can’t wait to show them to you. So check back here anytime.