ZENTS is going through full Branding Design (re-brand) process with Corvus Design Studio.

Integrating Marketing, Website, Social Media, and Identity. The mission is to reflect the soul of products that are super clean, mindful, and luxurious. This sophisticated brand has hand crafted elements that support the very personal healing properties in the formulas. Inspired by Cord Coen’s healing stay in India ZENTS has it’s feet firmly in two wonderful equally nurturing worlds. They produce professional products for the spa and luxury hotel/resort market for professional spa therapy treatments and a clean formula luxury amenities program. For the personal market ZENTS provides a matching retail line that captures life’s most beautiful memories in the personalized blend-able scents and the best quality ingredients.

The kay has been to take the essence of what has been created and push the ideas forward visually and linguistically. We are so proud to have launched the new ZENTS.com at the end of March 2012, showing off new product photography and integrating the deeply held belief in community through ZENTS social media and Seva foundation where building community inside brand makes a difference in the word. In the works are the branding guide, a customized printable program for hotels and a professional treatment training program with full digital access. Can’t wait to see where the adventure takes us all.

Visit ZENTS.com to see the beautiful WordPress commerce site designed by Corvus Design, photography by Studio McGrath, and developed by Vector Defector (Here)