You are invited…

Three little words that have always made my heart leap. There really is nothing like the joy and anticipation when receiving an invitation in the mail or when you see a poster for an event you can’t wait to attend. I hope to capture that excitement every time I design.

Trade show materials and posters are intended to inspire the viewer to action: make you want to stand  on concrete for 10 hours, listen to sales pitches, attend endless meetings on market projections and project oversight… But really, creating materials for a trade show should be inspired; they should engender a desire for membership, camaraderie, and knowledge with drive to act.

Drawing on inspiration and experience…

So much of what we do has an element of illustration, we draw because it keeps the work fresh and allows exploration of solutions that otherwise might not happen.

The computer can be a barrier to original thought. To remove barriers, we compose by hand. There is so much material to be inspired by that it can be overwhelming, so after doing research, we sketch with pencil to filter ideas.

Illustration is also often a pocketbook solution: faced with unlimited funding, time, and access to the best, most fitting work, I might throw away my archaic devices, but until confronted with that fairy tale, we’ll keep doing our best with pencil in hand.