The Rocky Mountain News is Gone… 

A Dozen on Denver: Stories

In 2008 the paper ran the content for this project as a series of short stories to celebrate Denver’s 100th Anniversary. The stories were commissioned from local authors, with each story set in Denver at different times past and future, with accompanying artwork and photographs of the authors.

Changing newspaper content into a book design was mostly a shift in intimacy. Viewing these stories as a collection allowed me to create a focal point in the table of contents. I reinvented it into a time line to give the stories a physical ground in time. Each story subsequently opens with its title positioned on that same line. The blue cloth cover with illustration work and printed stamp, intimate trim size, and a classic typographic treatment are all echoes of Denver’s rich literary history, and echo my feeling about my hometown.

Publishers Association of the West Gold Metal Winner

Colorado Book Award Winner

“It’s nice to see A Dozen on Denver: Stories, the anthology of Denver fiction that Patti Thorn, Books Editor of the Rocky Mountain News, put together just before the newspaper ended its 150-year run was the winner in the Anthology/Collection category. That anthology also has a design that is just about my favorite one of last year, with mountains and Denver’s skyline embossed directly on the cover. (I’m not the only one who thinks this: the cover, by Margaret McCullogh, won PubWest’s Gold Award for design).  The Colorado Book Award win is a welcome memorial to the Rocky.” –New West


Timothy Murphy Poems in 2 volumes 

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Poetry is a one of the most expressive vehicles of our humanity, getting to design for a talented current artist is an added pleasure.