Marketing your way to happy…  Inspiring offerings.

Fulcrum Publishing 25 and All Grown Up: when asked to revamp out-of-date marketing materials, it was not a question of dropping existing identity; the identity remained with 25 years of history intact, and the approach was more like good housekeeping. The look is literary, structured, soft, and natural but still very corporate.

A new take on a well known logo to celebrate their 25th anniversary. It was so fun discovering how the logo morphed into a party hat on my sketch pad, and applying the idea of 25-years-young was perfect for how the company feels about it’s work. Adding humor to what can sometimes be a somber backward glance for most companies; instead became a look forward to things that are really just starting to get interesting.

Also Shown Here: a catalog produced for Fulcrum, an example of the Rare Stems campaign for The Perfect Petal, a walking map for Posh on Larimer Street showing how easy it is to find it’s sister store in the Highlands neighborhood, a Posh invitation/advertisement that ran in 5280 Magazine, and a Holiday Open House ad for The Perfect Petal.